Healthy Pet Products and
Holistic Health Services

Healthy Pet Products

Remedies to Support Good Health

Holistic Health Services

Facilitate Vitality and Balance

Zeusie Healthy Pet Products
and Holistic Health Services

Prevention of Disease and the Health and Wellness Program

Watch your loved-one release stress, transform negative behaviors and return to a state of health and vitality. The human-grade high-quality ingredients used in Zeusie Healthy Pet Products make our products different from other natural products or therapies available. Our holistic health services and products have been designed to create optimal health for your family animals.

Founder Karen Korona, M.S. is an Internationally known Holistic Health Practitioner and Healing Guide, has served the animal community in the Denver Metro area over the last 29 years. She has treated many different animals over the years, small to large, bringing healing to pet and family. She additionally collaborates with holistic veterinarians and physicians nationally to create the perfect Healing and Holistic Wellness Program for your pet.

Get Started
On Your Pet’s

Healing Path

Our animals are a family member who we love and respect. They are a gift, unconditionally loving and assisting us through our daily stresses. Karen's mission is to help our animal companions in prevention and healing of disease using holistic services and quality natural products. Zeusie Healthy Pet Services and Products support balance, vitality, healing and happiness for our beloved pets and the whole family!

Receive the blessings of life as you begin your pet's healing journey!

What We Provide

Our holistic wellness program for pets provides natural healing methods and remedies to support your pet's physical and emotional well-being.

Services & Products:

  • Animal Therapy
  • Healing Treatments
  • Nutrition Education
  • Food/Diet
  • Natural Remedies
  • Supplements/Herbs
  • Animal Communication
  • Zeusie Pet Products

The Program Facilitates:

  • Illness/Disease Prevention
  • Healing From Disease, Injury or Surgery
  • Balancing Emotions
  • Vibrant Health
    & Well-Being
  • Enhancing Good Behaviors
  • Increasing Longevity