Good Nutrition is Important for Your Family Pet

A complete and balanced diet is key to keeping your pet in good health and full of energy. Without that proper nutrition, pets would not be able to perform their normal daily activities with ease, maintain muscle tone, fight off infection, or build and repair muscles, teeth and bone.

But what is proper nutrition? Simply stated, pets need a combination of water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals on a daily basis.

  • Proteins provide a source of energy and help build and maintain strong muscles.
  • Carbohydrates offer a source of quick energy so pets can be active and energetic.
  • Fats are high in energy, and keep skin and hair coats shiny and healthy, and help with brain function.
  • Vitamins and minerals keep a pet’s immune system and metabolism functioning normally.

While these elements are essential to good health, there are differing opinions as to which type of diet is best for a pet. It is recommended that you consult with your holistic health pet provider when selecting a food, especially since nutritional requirements vary, depending on an animal’s activity, medical history, age and stress level.

Raw and home-cooked foods including lamb, chicken, turkey and beef provide a healthy, nutritious diet for your pet. Home-cooked foods, however require time to prepare. They are especially good for sick pets, including those who may have GI or allergy problems, are recovering from surgery, or suffering with cancer because they aide with the body’s natural detoxifying processes.

When preparing home-cooked or raw foods, remember dogs primarily need meat, some vegetables (and some grains if not allergy sensitive or have a health condition). Unlike dogs, cats need less protein and could actually be vegetarians.

If using canned or dry food, use nutritionally balanced foods. Some of these processed foods tend to be too high in carbohydrates, which cause animals to gain weight, and demonstrate symptoms of hair loss and allergies, signs that your pet’s diet is not complete and balanced.

Look for foods that are natural, unprocessed, and free from GMOs and preservatives. You can find packaged raw foods in your local natural pet store that closely match the ancestral diet of dogs and cats.

A combination of these food options is always an alternative. Make sure that your dog food is nutritionally balanced, meets the canine nutrition guidelines of the National Research Council and is certified by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Consider limiting table scraps, which may lead to weight gain and create stress and imbalance in your pet. It’s important to maintain the nutritional needs of your animal’s ancestral diet to maintain their balance.

In addition, give your pets healthy treats as a reward for good behavior to offer the nutrition necessary to maintain his or her health.

A vitamin supplement is helpful when there is a specific health condition, such as a probiotic for digestive health, and Silver Hydrosol to prevent disease and promote a healthy immune system. Ask your holistic pet practitioner for which supplements may be beneficial for helping to sustain the health and vitality of your pet.

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Pets Suffer From Stress and Anxiety Too

Pets are more like their owners than some of us like to admit. Their nervous systems are susceptible to stress, just like humans, and that can impact their psychological and physical well-being.

With changes to their lives, pets can experience stress, anxiety and even depression. Since they can’t tell us how they are doing, we have to monitor their behavior. Signs to look for are sudden behavior changes, including pacing, panting or licking themselves.

A variety of situations can cause stress or anxiety, including thunderstorms, a stay at a kennel, unfamiliar surroundings, a trip to the vet, or getting out of the property and becoming lost.

The loss of an owner or another pet in the home will probably create stress and maybe depression. As humans, we experience that too.

Transitions also can be difficult. If you move to a new city, new home or even just change the location of a pet’s “space,” your pet might become anxious or even a bit disoriented.

Rescue dogs are another example of pets that need to be monitored carefully – just in case a negative experience from their past comes to the surface again.

There are some simple things owners can do to reduce the stress, like closing the drapes during a thunderstorm or changing food if your pet is not eating well. (Stress may show up as allergies or food intolerances.) Exercise, attention, love and affection from owners also can help reduce these feelings.

Homeopathic remedies also are quite successful in reducing stress levels without side effects. These natural ingredients treat animals as a whole, supporting their bodies and nervous systems.

The key here is to make sure you give your pets the right dose and frequency. Not all dogs, cats or birds are created equal. You need to take into account their weight and the severity of their condition when determining how much and how often to give them herbs or supplements.

Of course, it’s always best to consult your holistic pet practitioner for directions and dosage. But, with some experience, you can learn how to treat your pet properly.

Here are just a few options you will want to consider:

  • Skullcap and Valerian, which soothes the nervous system
  • Bach Rescue Remedy, which calms the nervous system
  • Kalium phosphate (Kaliphus) and Argentum nitricum (Arg. Net.), which are homeopathic remedies that treat sudden and immediate symptoms of stress, such as quivering and panting.
  • Tryptophon, an amino acid that naturally occurs in dogs and can be used to reduce impulsive behavior and aggression in dogs who have obsessive compulsive tendencies. Tryptophon naturally calms and refocuses their energy.

In addition, you might consider Touch Healing Therapy to release stress and balance the nervous system, or Aromatherapy, where you rub chamomile, oats, valerian or lavender on your hands and then pet your dog or cat to soothe their nervous system.

Another word to the wise:  If you are feeling stressed or anxious, you could be sharing that feeling with your pet too. Make sure you take care of yourself while also taking care of your sweet four-legged creatures.

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zeusclipHi! I am Zeus.   I am told I am a sweet chihuahua, as well as a small dog with lots of power and big ideas.  Isn’t it great that my mom, Karen Korona, provides a line of products to improve the health and happiness of all my animal friends.  I am a  healthy and happy dog that would like to share these services and products with other animals to be as fortunate as me.  I feel blessed that my mom is a Holistic Health practitioner and she will give me only natural products for my safety, wellness and health.

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Karen Korona, M.S., an Internationally known Holistic Health Practitioner and Healing Guide, has served the animal community in the Denver Metro area over the last 29 years. She has worked with pets in prevention and healing of disease, and enhancing vibrant health and well being through nutrition, natural remedies, Touch Healing Treatments and Craniosacral Therapy.

Karen has treated many different animals over the years, small to large, bringing healing to pet and family. She additionally works with Holistic Veterinarians and physicians nationally integrating Western and Eastern medicine to create the perfect Healing and Holistic Wellness Program for your pet. Email Karen to find out about her additional services available.

Karen founded Zeusie Healthy Pet Products in January 2013. In 2012 Karen met with Dr. Gordon Pedersen, leading expert in Silver Hydrosol, discovering the many health benefits and science behind Silver Hydrosol for animals and people. After much research and meeting with industry experts, Karen was inspired to manufacture Silver Hydrosol and other quality natural products for family animals. Her first Zeusie Healthy Pet Product, Silver Hydrosol liquid supplement and Silver & Aloe Gel for animals 30ppm, is currently available through Holistic Veterinarians, retail stores and website sales.

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