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Emily and Deb
Parasitic Diarrhea (Giardiasis)

I am so grateful that you have provided the source to provide silver hydrosol products for my pets.  Our little puppy suffered with giardias through out his first year until we started utilizing the product.  Our vet is amazed that Coup has not had one incident of vomiting or diarrhea since we began using a few magical drops a day.  Not only have we saved money on our vet bills, our little Coup is happier than ever.

K.P. and Lily

Lily is a rescue dog who has been with me for one year. She demonstrated stress, and was even more distressed as I was preparing to move across country during a heat wave. Lily didn't have energy, was moping around looking depressed, and wouldn't eat her food. Karen's treatment removed the trauma of her past as well as her present. She rejuvenated, her physical and emotional symptoms disappeared, and her spark returned. Lily came out of her shell, was more secure in herself, and connected quicker and deeper to strangers!

Immune System Protection & More!

We have used Zeusie's Silver Hydrosol for both our pets and our family. Our animals have a stronger immune system, are healthier and protected from pathogens. My family and I have successfully warded off viruses/sickness by taking extra silver at the first sign of feeling poorly. When we have given the silver to the grand children when they have a cold, they get well twice as fast as without. I use it daily for maintenance and in the nasal passages once or twice daily. Sickness has diminished greatly for those of us who have used it. The uses of the gel are endless - bug bites, age spots, itching areas on skin, brushing teeth (makes them much whiter), as an antibacterial for hands.  Those are a few examples I can give and I know there are many more to come as we continue to use the product for our family health. Thank you for the great product and all of its benefits.

K.P. and Lily
Puncture Wound

I was walking on the trail when I got mixed up with a small animal, getting two puncture wounds on my paw. It hurt and I couldn’t put any weight on it. My beloved owner Kippy soaked my foot in that terrible smelling blue chlorhex solution suggested by the vet. After a few days with little result we switched to soaking my foot in the Silver Hydrosol liquid solution. She put the Silver & Aloe gel on my foot, put a sock over it, and duck taped it on so I wouldn’t bite it off. She placed a bootie over the sock for the snow! This rigmarole actually did the trick! I could feel it working over night! And when she took the sock off the next morning it was clear and the swelling had finally started going down. After a several more sock treatments my infection disappeared. I am so grateful for Zeusie’s Healthy Pet Products! ~ Lily

Karen and Zeusie
Losing Fur

Zeusie started losing his fur on his belly and elbows after I had gone out of town and he was left at the house with my son last Spring.   Jeff had to go to school and ended up working more than we originally thought. Although I had someone else coming into the house to check on Zeus he was completely stressed when I returned. I went to a holistic vet who gave Zeus an herbal formula.  That didn't work and in fact he was getting worst.  Then it occurred to me to use Zeusie Silver Hydrosol Silver and Aloe gel! I applied the gel in the balding areas twice per day.  After a few weeks I started seeing his little fur growing back. Now his fur is growing in like crazy ~ still applying the gel until all the fur has grown in.  Thank you Zeusie Healthy Pet Products!

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